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Mac Laptop Repair

Do you have a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or MackBook that's having some issues? Make an appointment or stop in and get a free diagnostic.


Mac Desktop Repair

Is your All-In-One iMac, or Mac Pro 'canister' or 'cheese grater' showing you a side you've never seen before? Reserve a time to have us look at it.


Mac Mini Repair

The Mac Mini has a tiny footprint — but offers big features that power your home or office. Call us for upgrades, service, or repairs!

MacBook Screen Repair

Fast and Affordable

We repair and replace every kind of broken macbook screen including dark LCD's, pixel distortion, dead pixels, cracked screens, shattered glass, and worn anti-reflective coating on Retina displays.

Stop in today!

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Expand Or Upgrade Your Mac Hard Drive

Get more space for your documents, photos, videos, and Mac OS updates.

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MacBook Battery Replacement

MacBook Battery Replacement

That doesn't cost an arm and a leg

Keep your battery up and running with our replacement MacBook batteries.

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Touch Pad Replacements

They're great when they work and drive you nuts when they don't. Luckily, there's a source for PC, Chromebook, and Mac touchpad replacements in Burien.

Keyboard Replacements

If your pets, kids, or anything else brave enough to pry your keyboard keys loose while your AFK, there's a solution to getting your laptop computer keys working again.

Laptop Screen Repair

Picked up your laptop by the screen? Did you forget the laptop was on the floor? Accidents can happen and when your Linux, Windows, and Mac laptop computers screens fail, we're here to help.

Charge Port Repair

Over time, your laptop charge port wears down from plugging and unplugging from the wall and eventually needs to be replaced. We carry the most common laptop charge ports for a quick turn-around time.

Power Button Repair

Have you ever pushed the power button and...nothing? Your power button might have went on a permanent vacation. Get it checked out today and put your fears to rest.

Hard Drive Replacement

Are you getting a black screen with a blinking cursor in the corner of your screen? Is your laptop telling you 'hard drive not found' after an update? It might be time to replace your hard drive.

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